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The Setonian

Modern Vines

This song tells the story of the facets and issues of small towns of the South... specifically references the significance of Baptist belief and obsession with football... In one of these towns, there was a high school rape case involving a couple of students... It all happened over social media... which I am comparing to the old saying 'heard it through the grapevine.'"



"Inspired by a rainy day, I wanted to make a more melancholy song that would be great to listen to while studying or relaxing."



"This track is essentially my impression of Nujabes... The lyrics reflect the overly self-conscious outlook I sometimes hold in the face of love. Surely childish, but hopefully relatable."



"The tension caused by the chord progression is completely contrasted by the easy guitar... This is an easy-going song and is perfect to study to."


A New Peak

"This track is made almost entirely from MIDI sounds. My initial inspiration was the sound font and vibe of "Celeste," an ambient game in which you climb a mountain; however, I let my feelings veer the song into something funky. I hope you'll enjoy my transforming tune, titled for its lonely mountain aura and my personal peak in production!"