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Reflections On the Paintings of Vincent van Gogh, No. 1 Undergrowth with Two Figures

Music | Fall 2017


Artist's Note:

"Of all the artists, composers, and authors I have come to revere and appreciate, Vincent van Gogh is one of the few that I cannot remember being unaware of. Since I was very young I have been familiar with at least some of his more famous paintings because of the various prints and coffee table books that my family always had around. What I see and love in van Gogh’s work is a bridge that he builds between reality and surreality. His paintings depict everyday scenes in his world such as cafés, orchards, and cityscapes. However, his use of color and texture elevates these scenes to a more intense emotional setting. These scenes become not just beautiful landscapes, but evocative worlds that beg the viewer to ask themselves deeper questions about the emotional context. These Reflections are my personal answers to those questions. When I look at Undergrowth with Two Figures I think about the isolation and the intimacy that these two characters appear to be in. I think about all of the things that two lovers might say to each other while shrouded in the dark background of the forest. This piece is the conversation that I believe these characters could have."