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Heart of Dixie Highway

"Heart of Dixie Highway was written and recorded/co-produced by myself and my friend Nate Pittman of Huntsville, Alabama. The song is about contemplating leaving North Alabama and journeying somewhere east of the Tennessee River, and ultimately the decision to do so."

Scratchwork #1 Take 2 Size 9 Shoe

"This is an unfinished song all about change and and inability to express yourself through that change. I often get caught up trying to make sense of who I am and the change that I'm feeling, but then I miss the present that I'm in. You can spend time on your own trying to perfectly analyze your life, but then you miss out on who you are then. Ironically, the idea of a "size 9 shoe" is the opposite, but not exactly. Your shoe change is unlikely to change at a certain point, but it still could. Even though it's hard to change, you always have the possibility."