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The Official Bard of Baldwin County

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From Spotify:

"The Official Bard of Baldwin County is the human equivalent of cassette tape warbles and kudzu vine. They play folk music like a ghost and a warm summer thunderstorm, and they’ll give you a peck on the forehead if you ask nicely.

They listen to a lot of music by dead folks, and hope to do it some justice by hollering it with lungs that still work. They also write their own stuff, and they try to keep it jaunty.

If you want queer folkpunk and dusty standards, you've come to the right place, and the Bard is right excited to meet ya. Be safe now.

For fans/acolytes/apostles of: Hozier, The Mountain Goats, Cab Calloway, Field Medic, The Moldy Peaches, Cosmo Sheldrake, Willi Carlisle, John Prine, Pat The Bunny, and any musician that has been dead for over a century.

Photo credits: Dylan Basden (@dylanbasdenphotography)"

The Setonian

forgive me seventy times seven

"this is a song that i wrote because i apologize too much ! sometimes the people that you care about (or want to stay in the good graces of) don't really care about you all that much ! you don't have to apologize for stepping on their toes ! put on a steel toed boot and break their whole foot!"

hi, i hope you're doing good - Bard


"I wrote this song after taking a forensic anthropology class and reading about a set of remains that sheltered a wasp's nest inside the skull... I decided to make it into a murder ballad, but from the perspective of the victim... an incredulous and extremely forgiving lover - someone who, even in death, uses their facilities to make others more comfortable. A calcium-borne home for a home. :^)"

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