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Music | Spring 2022

Artist note: 

"I wrote this song after taking a forensic anthropology class and reading about a set of remains that sheltered a wasp's nest inside the skull. I scribbled down the lyrics and put it out into the world, on my demo EP. Recently, I've been thinking about why I actually wrote the words and what they actually mean. 

I thought that this description made for a really cool image, and so I decided to make it into a murder ballad, but from the perspective of the victim. I deeply love the American folk music tradition and murder ballads are one of the most interesting parts of it, but they always focus on the one that takes the life. My intent was to show the perspective of the opposite - an incredulous and extremely forgiving lover - someone who, even in death, uses their facilities to make others more comfortable. A calcium-borne home for a home. :^)"

The Official Bard of Baldwin County

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