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The Setonian

World (live from the AU Singer Songwriter Competition)

"This song is one of the first I've ever been vulnerable and open about my feelings on. It started as a slower sadder feeling song and has evolved into one of my favorite pieces to perform live. It has been such a joy to share it with people over the past year. This specific recording is from a night that is very special to me. I hope you enjoy it!"

The Setonian

Communion Cups

"This song is an effort for me to process my experience within the church. That there was a lot of sweetness found in the snacks and communal activities, but in retrospect I'm not sure how much of the comfortability I felt in church was about God and how much was the snack counter. Communion cups were particularly interesting because after service the kids could pick up stacks of the cups to exchange for candy."

The Setonian

Heart of Dixie Highway

"Heart of Dixie Highway was written and recorded/co-produced by myself and my friend Nate Pittman of Huntsville, Alabama. The song is about contemplating leaving North Alabama and journeying somewhere east of the Tennessee River, and ultimately the decision to do so."

The Setonian

Scratchwork #1 Take 2 Size 9 Shoe

"This is an unfinished song all about change and and inability to express yourself through that change. I often get caught up trying to make sense of who I am and the change that I'm feeling, but then I miss the present that I'm in. You can spend time on your own trying to perfectly analyze your life, but then you miss out on who you are then. Ironically, the idea of a "size 9 shoe" is the opposite, but not exactly. Your shoe change is unlikely to change at a certain point, but it still could. Even though it's hard to change, you always have the possibility."

The Setonian

Scratchwork #2 Take 9 At Least I Know Your Name

"This song is a mesh of different feelings and experiences I've had in a ton of different directions. I created an unnamed character to direct these feelings at. In short, it's about being happy to have known someone even if they are out of your life now."

The Setonian

Beckoning Wind

"This is Beckoning Wind, in my opinion it tends to fall under fantasy instrumental in terms of genre. My artist name is Xenruyumi or Yumi Yam, depending on what I am releasing and to whom I am releasing."

The Setonian

Pink Library

"This song is addressed to the abusive ex boyfriend who gave me PTSD. The campus library was both where he failed me, and, on a separate occasion, where we broke up."

The Setonian


"[This] is the first song I've written in which I have been vulnerable and discussed my feelings in my music... I really allowed myself to talk about a relationship I'd recently been a part of."

The Setonian

To the Moon

"It's a fun little ballad. It's kinda silly, kinda romantic, but ultimately feels good to listen to, and that is something I strive to do when I make music."

The Setonian

forgive me seventy times seven

"this is a song that i wrote because i apologize too much ! sometimes the people that you care about (or want to stay in the good graces of) don't really care about you all that much ! you don't have to apologize for stepping on their toes ! put on a steel toed boot and break their whole foot!"

The Setonian


"A beat I made using typewriter sounds as the percussion. It is from my album, Nocturnal Mouth."

The Setonian

EL Aguila

"A song I wrote about 'El Aguila', the moniker of a secret agent from Dimension X who also goes by the name of Billy Banzai. It is off my album, Nocturnal Mouth and features many layers of breakbeat and orchestrated samples."

hi, i hope you're doing good - Bard


"I wrote this song after taking a forensic anthropology class and reading about a set of remains that sheltered a wasp's nest inside the skull... I decided to make it into a murder ballad, but from the perspective of the victim... an incredulous and extremely forgiving lover - someone who, even in death, uses their facilities to make others more comfortable. A calcium-borne home for a home. :^)"