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Flower Fall

flower fall.

through the haze of june,
we were side by side on your back porch, sun - beaten,
& dirtied from the garden that you couldn’t stop killing.
you wanted a paradise, your own eden,
but you always overwatered it,
you always gave the things you love a little too much,
until you were left staring at what you had drowned,
& it was the dying daffodils that caused you to give up.
the emissaries of new beginnings
that brought you to a disappointing end —
i watched the revelation before you even spoke it,
your eyes reflecting the emptiness of the sky
as you spoke around a mouth full of honeydew,
“i’m tired of myself. i’m tired of the world.”
i smell the sweetness on your breath & almost turn reckless & kamikaze.
i imagine our fingers intertwined.
i imagine myself brave when i kiss
you & say, then let’s go make another.
i’ll create a world in full bloom,
& tell you i love you through the sky raining roses.
when the storm breaks, in its aftermath, i’ll gather
a bouquet of carnation - colored clouds, a gift
for when we marry beneath the eye of the primrose moon,
and sail away in our gowns of bougainvillea.
we’ll drink tea & feed each other wedding cake,
find land & build ourselves a kingdom, our declaration
woven in a flag of lilac & monkshood, for all to know
of this first love, this beautiful floral monsoon.