Why YOU Should Submit to the Auburn Circle!

Here are a few reasons that you should submit your work to The Circle at aub.ie/submit
January 21, 2020

     Auburn's campus is full of creators. Whether you call yourself artist, photographer, writer, designer, or fall into a less easily defined category, you have likely found yourself eager to bring your human experience into a craft. Like so many of us involved with the Circle, the product of this endeavor is likely incredibly precious to you. That is why we at the Circle want you to submit. We know the value of the artistic process, and we believe art deserves to be shared with a community of people that can be moved and inspired by it. 

But if you're hesitant to submit, here are a few reasons that you should!

1.) You've written a poem lately that said exactly what you wanted it to, exactly how you wanted it to.

2.) You have gotten really into photography and feel proud of the progress you have made.

3.) You want to contribute to the art on Auburn's campus. 

4.) You're a STEM student that is itching to do express their artistic side.

5.) You have created fashion pieces that you want to share.

6.) You want to boost your resume. 

7.) You're a talented musician. 

8.) You've read the Circle before.

9.) You feel like you have something important to say.

10.) You want to be a part of something incredible on Auburn's campus. 

submit at aub.ie/submit by February 14th!